Multi-robot and IoT systems powered by The ARCHADE

What is The ARCHADE

The ARCHADE is a multi-purpose ubiquitous supercomputing framework and middleware that transforms a set of entities, such as:

  • Robots e.g. drones, rovers and more
  • IoT devices
  • Computers, servers, mobile phones and 
  • People

into a single cooperative unit, into a supercomputer that can be used and reused for anything. 

The ARCHADE includes an API and a high-level language to describe any mission to be carried out by ubiquitous supercomputing systems. It is in fact a multi-agent technology,  where each agent controls  a  single  entity,  all  under  the  control   of a  central agent representing the system and humans, as the entities with the highest hierarchy.   The  following  videos show a set of  examples of  The  ARCHADE.   Using  the API, you  can  create  all kind of  missions, or we  can  do it for  you, if you want.  We will be happy to create your ubiquitous supercomputing system. For more  information please contact us. :D 

Autonomous target localization

In this video, a rover, powered by The ARCHADE, autonomously search for a target and returns home

Cooperative area scanning

In this video, two rovers, powered by The ARCHADE split an area among each other and scan their individual sub areas. All collected information is shared between both the robots and with th ground station. In fact, the three entities are set as a High Performance Robotic Computing Cluster (HPRC), where the ground  station is the master  entity and the two rovers,  two slaves.  For more information about the new computer science field HPRC, please visit the published paper introducing it. We thank the Barcelona TECH ICARUS research group for borrowing the two rovers used for these missions.

Follow me and Ethical hacking with HPRC clusters

In this video, we show two complete missions carried out  with the two  rovers. Follow me  and ethical hacking. To the best of our knowledge these are the first ever hackrovers. This mission is shown to demonstrate The ARCHADE's potential to create all kind of missions, even those uncommon in the world in robotics. A detailed explanation is given in the video. 

The ARCHADE behind the scene

In this video, we show The ARCHADE running in the ground station and the two rovers. Enjoy fully autonomous control of multi-robot systems :D  

Download The ARCHADE brochure

The ARCHADE (pdf)