Who are we

Leonardo Camargo-Forero, CEO


I'm Leonardo, CEO and co-founder of UbiHPC. I created The ARCHADE and use it to design and build all kind of multi-robot applications

My personal website

Nicolás Camargo-Forero, CINO


I'm Nicolás, innovation lead and co-founder of UbiHPC. I propose all kind of new applications based on The ARCHADE. I am also a data scientist working on genetics

Andres Quintero-Parra, HW Lead


I'm Andres, Hardware lead at UbiHPC, I build robots and all kind of cool gadgetry. I have worked in AI, computer vision, supercomputing and electronics

Ariel Florez-Riaño, AI engineer


I'm Ariel, Medical doctor and AI specialist. I support AI and supercomputing at UbiHPC, targeting medical challenges and innovation