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Welcome to UbiHPC

What we do

We are UbiHPC, a company specialized in  supercomputing, yet not only about  huge machines, such at  those used to predict the weather, to understand our  genetics  or to describe the  origins of the  universe, no, not   just that,  but  everywhere,   even at multi-robot  systems  by  exploiting a  new  computer science  field  called  High Performance Robotic Computing

In order to transform a multi-robot system, a set of IoT devices,  computers and people into a single cooperative unit  that  can be used for  anything,  for example  precision agriculture,  entertainment,  parcel delivery,  etc.,  at UbiHPC we provide The ARCHADE, a framework and middleware for ubiquitous supercomputing systems. 

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Also, we provide consulting in all areas related to  supercomputing such as deployment and  administration of supercomputing centers, code parallelization, HPC software architecture and much more. Find out more in here


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